Author: Catherine A. Earhart, BA, OTR/L

Publisher: S&S Worldwide, Colchester, CT (2006)

 Description: The Allen Diagnostic Module-2nd edition (ADM-2) (Earhart, 2006) consists of 35 standardized activity assessments of functional cognition developed by occupational therapists within the framework of the cognitive disabilities model.  ADMs provide opportunities for individuals to demonstrate available cognitive abilities as they engage in new learning and problem solving to make a useful object, such as a placemat, visor, or box.

 ADMs are designed to include an identified range of activity demands of varying complexity.  During administration, practitioners adjust social and physical cues to match and support the individual’s identified “best ability to function.”  The external cues present ideal conditions and an opportunity for the individual to effectively engage in the activity.

 ADMs may be used to verify results of the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS-5) assessment or as serial assessments to identify a pattern of performance as part of a comprehensive functional evaluation.

 The ADM-2nd edition manual contains reviewed Guidelines for use that clarify theoretical contrusts derived from the cogntive disabilities model, as well as updating rating criteria in assessment protocols for several assessments.

 Source:The ADM-2nd edition manual and pre-assembled standardized test kits for all ADM assessments are available for purchase from S&S Worldwide at www.ssww.com.  

For more information: Downloadable assessment protocols with instructions for self-manufacturing standardized test kits for specified ADMs are available at www.allencognitive.org.  


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