October 22-23 in Chicago, IL

Sponsored by

Allen Cognitive Advisors, Ltd.

And the Occupational Therapy Department of Chicago State University

We thank Joseph A. Balogun, PT, Ph.D., FACSM, Dean of the College of Health Sciences, for his wonderful hospitality and sponsorship. Sincere gratitude is extended to Sarah Austin for site coordination.

On behalf of Allen Cognitive Advisors and our symposium attendees, we extend appreciation to our accomplished speakers:

Sarah Austin
Cathy Earhart
Angela Edney
Debbie Olin
Deane McCraith
Linda Riska Williams
Sandra David

Like all of the association's activities, the annual symposium is the result of the hard work of our volunteer conference committee:

Sallie Taylor
Sandra David
Sarah Austin
Debbie Olin
Cathy Earhart
Linda Riska Williams
Delaune Pollard
Deane McCraith
Michele Stanley

We thank the following companies for significant donations of program materials:

S&S Worldwide, Colchester, CT
SelectOne Rehab, Monona, WI
Lifeline International, Madison, WI

Because of this, our attendees left with the knowledge AND materials needed for immediate use in their clinical practices.

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