About the ACLS-6


Over the past 30+ years, the Cognitive Disabilities Model has continued to evolve and be refined, a process that continues today. Claudia Allen is currently in the process of developing a next generation of the Allen Model. (We encourage you to follow her progress on ACDMweb.com*.) The Allen Cognitive Group, formerly the ACLS/LACLS Committee, which holds the copyright for the ACLS-5 manual, and is a source for purchasing the current manual and screening tools, continues to provide support, instruction and research in the use of the ACLS-5 and other related tools of the Cognitive Disabilities Model. The Allen Diagnostic Modules, 34 craft based activity assessments used to verify results of the Allen Cognitive Level Screen, which can be purchased through S&S Worldwide and Dementia Care Specialists, contains revised guidelines that clarify theoretical constructs derived from the Cognitive Disabilities Model, as well as updated rating criteria to enhance research opportunities. These are just a few of the modifications and updates to the Allen Cognitive Disabilities Model; many more are shared at our bi-annual Symposium.


Since our last Symposium, November 2014, when Claudia announced her intention to develop the ACLS-6, the ACN Board has discussed how to proceed with the changes that this will bring about. We have included Claudia in our conversations and we have been in communication with the Allen Group as well. Ultimately we have decided that it is our goal as a Board to lead the organization forward with our vision and mission guiding us, remembering Claudia’s words quoted on our website home page: “Foremost, we are about the people we serve”.